Traffic Guard Instrument

Traffic Guard Manager gathers the identities reported by TrafficGuard Probe and creates events based on identity changes.

With TrafficGuard Manager UI it’s easy to view assets currently active on monitored network and get events on new assets.


Developer F-Solutions Oy
Categories Integrity Monitoring, Asset Tracking
Network access type None
Required interfaces None
Dependencies None
Related Instruments TrafficGuard Probe
Data retention Traffic Guard Manager keeps the collected information up to configured retention period
Management UI Yes

Example use case

TrafficGuard Probe Instrument is set to monitor a protected network which has stable set of assets deployed. TrafficGuard Manager will gather all information detected by the Probe Instrument.

First TrafficGuard Manager collects information on assets currently running on the network. These assets can be marked as known and then it’s easy to discover if new assets appear on the monitored network. This allows to quickly react to rogue devices appearing on the protected network due to misconfiguration or malicious activity.

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