About us

Our team has a long experience in developing cyber security sensor technology for a national early warning system protecting the critical infrastructure in Finland. At the inception of SensorFleet in 2018, we set out to re-imagine cyber security monitoring.

SensorFleet solution is an open sensor platform that can host detection-, protection- and scanning tools - that we call Instruments - from 3rd parties, whether commercial, open source or developed in-house. Solution reduces complexity in managing cyber security capabilities and readily available deployment platform improves response times for emerging threats.


Sami Petäjäsoja

Sami Petäjäsoja, CEO

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+358 40 5030745

Simo Mäkipaja

Simo Mäkipaja, Sales Director

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Mikko Korkalo

Mikko Korkalo, Head of R&D

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Esa Törmikoski

Esa Törmikoski, Developer

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Felix Ippolitov

Felix Ippolitov, Developer

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Jukka Taimisto

Jukka Taimisto, Developer

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Antti Tönkyrä

Antti Tönkyrä, Developer

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F-Solutions Ääkköset Oy Leverage from the EU EU

Vesihiisi project develops an open and scalable platform, SensorFleet solution, for network level cyber security monitoring. Platform enables emergence of an open ecosystem for development and distribution of cyber security monitoring capabilities. SensorFleet solution prototype will be further developed to production level maturity in this project.