First truly open NDR platform

SensorFleet solution is the first truly open NDR platform deployable across IT, OT and SDN networks. It offers both standalone use with the existing Instruments and unmatched options for easy expansion. SensorFleet security audited NDR has been designed for scalability with a predictable unit based licensing model.

SensorFleet open NDR


Fleet Management

Fleet Management controls the fleet of Sensors and provides one-click deployment of the Instruments. Events and other data collected by Sensors are transferred from Fleet Management to SIEM. Fleet Management also provides central control for all configuration aspects of Sensors and Instruments.


Sensor hosts the Instruments and is deployed as a virtual or hardware appliance or natively in the cloud. 3rd party applications can be onboarded as Instruments or hosted as virtual appliances.


Instruments are containerized applications dedicated for specific cyber security tasks and deployed on a Sensor platform. Our Instruments provide comprehensive coverage for:

  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Attack Detection
  • Forensic Data Collection

From open NDR to cyber capability fabric

Change management made easy

Layered architecture for detection, security operations enablement and security operations eliminates vertical silos. Changes are local with easy addition and removal of individual products.

Standard workflows

Security operations can work with standard tools, such as SIEM, regardless of NDR products used. Vendor dashboards are only needed for special cases, such as detailed incident investigation.

Connect external data sources

Open integration interfaces enable collection of data from any source. Locally collected data is passed to security operations through common fabric.

Complement fabric with 3rd party tools

Solution enables hosting of any 3rd party products either as SensorFleet native Instruments or virtual appliances.

Open NDR
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