Solution description

SensorFleet solution forms a lightweight and distributed cyber capability fabric. Instruments are components dedicated for specific monitoring tasks and are installed on a Sensor Platform. Sensor Platform will be deployed either as a hardware or virtual appliance. Virtual appliance or Cloud Service based Fleet Management controls the fleet of sensors and orchestrates Instrument deployments.


Applications dedicated for specific cyber security tasks and deployed on a Sensor platform.

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  • Instrumens are containerized software components for specific cyber security related monitoring tasks
  • Can augment alerts generated by the other Instruments. For example, PassiveDNS can add domain names to Suricata alerts
  • Can be chained. For example, identities captured with Cowrie Honeypot can be added on Suricata watchlist
  • Users can develop or integrate their own Instruments. Any software that can be deployed as a container transforms easily to Instrument

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Sensor platform is deployed as a cloud native, virtual or hardware appliance. Also available for integration into other products, e.g. IoT industrial equipment.

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  • Sensor hosts the Instruments, providing a deployment platform and containment
  • Provides the API's for custom developed Insturuments. Available for both users and partners
  • Use cases provide a few examples of what we can deliver pre-configured

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management controls a fleet of Sensors and provides one-click deployment of the Instruments.

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  • Fleet Management is used for deploying Instruments across the fleet of Sensors
  • Provides control and policy enforcement for the data sharing and retention
  • Collects the events and alerts produced by the fleet of Sensors and exports them to SIEM or other analytics solutions
  • Offers IoCs, blacklists, rule sets and other configuration options to Sensors conveniently from single interface

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Operational environments

OT security

Operational Technology (OT), whether factories or other infrastructure, is increasingly getting connected but often lacks behind the IT networks in cybersecurity monitoring.

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IT security

SensorFleet NDR comes in the shape and size you’ll need. You can dynamically grow your capability fabric and add Instruments as the requirements evolve. We have put together a few example Sensor configurations for IT networks.

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SOC service providers

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that gives your SOC toolbox flexibility and better orchestration of capabilities? Few can match SensorFleet on this.

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Industrial equipment integration

Do you offer networked industrial equipment that’s shipped to remote corners of the world where the network is not in your control? SensorFleet platform has been designed to integrate into the diverse execution environments to provide built-in security monitoring.

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