Open NDR use case samples

Unified platform

SensorFleet Open NDR enables deployment of the security controls across IT, Operational Technology (OT) and Cloud on a single, unified platform.

SensorFleet Fleet Manager overview

Use cases

SensorFleet use case series takes a look on how to apply currently available instruments to cover essential cyber security monitoring requirements. Despite the progressing map-detect-response sequence, SensorFleet solution can be equally well used for implementing individual cases to fill the gaps.

Map your exposure

A first step in comprehensive cyber security is to know what to defend and harden the configurations. Besides initial exposure mapping, all of our tools feature continuous monitoring to ensure visibility on the latest status and alerts on changes.

Detect attacks

On top of good cyber hygiene, real-time detection of the attacks increases resilience. Distributed detection provides comprehensive visibility and enables timely response to malicious activity.

Investigate and respond

Once an attack has been detected, the investigation phase begins. Integrated and automated forensic data collection speeds up the process from detection to response.

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