Asset Guard Instrument

Asset Guard provides network asset visibility by monitoring network traffic and extracting identities from it. It offers various tools for detecting and identifying new assets within specified networks, issuing alerts for suspicious assets, and exporting comprehensive information collected from the assets.


Asset Guard comprises two main components: Manager and Probe. Probes listen to mirrored network traffic and report their findings to the Manager. They operate in a non-intrusive manner, making them suitable for OT networks as well. Multiple probes can be deployed to monitor multiple networks and physical locations. The Manager collects the results in a central location, allowing users to review new assets, assign names to them, and examine their MAC and IP addresses, manufacturers, and traffic usage.


Developer SensorFleet Oy
Categories Integrity Monitoring, Asset Tracking
Network access type Passive
Required interfaces
  • Mirrored traffic from the monitored network
Dependencies None
Related Instruments AssetProbe
Data retention The Asset Guard Instrument retains the collected information until the Instrument is removed.
Management UI Yes
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