Netflow Instrument Instrument

Netflow can be used to collect NetFlow information from network traffic. For introduction to NetFlow, see Wikipedia.

The Instrument will listen traffic on mirror-bridge interface and store the traffic flows (as identified by source and destination IP addresses and protocol -specific ports) in NetFlow records. These NetFlow records can then be downloaded from the Instrument using the provided HTTP API.

NetFlow records are stored in NetFlow format version 9 and they are stored in time-based fashion with new NetFlow file created every 5 minutes.


The HTTP API provides endpoints for getting:

  • List of all NetFlow files available
  • A NetFlow file with a specified name
  • A “next” NetFlow file (in time -based series) from given one


Developer SensorFleet Oy
Categories Traffic Analysis, Traffic Recording
Network access type Passive
Required interfaces
  • Monitored network
Dependencies None
Data retention Netflow stores the NetFlow records up to the configured data retention period.
Management UI Yes