SensorFleet IDS Rule Manager Instrument

Provides management web ui for Zeek and Suricata instruments.

In Rule Manager Suricata and Zeek entries can be created and edited, also external lists can be used together with locally created.

Rule manager delivers entries to Zeek and Suricata instruments.


  • History log of user interactions with entries
  • Validation for locally created entries


  • Rule list management
    • Local rule lists
    • External rule lists
    • Rule revisions
    • Rule commenting
  • Event filter management
  • Rule search


  • Scripts management
  • Blacklists management


Developer SensorFleet Oy
Categories Attack Detection, Traffic Analysis, IDS
Network access type None
Required interfaces None
Dependencies Suricata IDS
Related Instruments Zeek
Data retention Rule manager stores edit history of Suricata rules and history of user actions (edit, delete creation)
Management UI Yes