SensorFleet joins SynerLeap

Posted 21 Dec 2022

We recently got accepted into SynerLeap, ABB’s startup program. Mission of SynerLeap is to foster an ecosystem for collaboration and help startups to navigate ABB organisation.

ABB is one of the industry leaders in OT space, while OT security monitoring is a key domain for SensorFleet. Our solution scales from specific use cases, like asset monitoring in an OT environment, to acting as an integration platform for a large scale NDR stack. As a software first solution, SensorFleet platform also integrates flexibly with any equipment capable of running 3rd party applications. These factors made it easy to find potential common interest areas with the great team at SynerLeap.

We are eagerly looking forward to the next leaps!

Sami Petäjäsoja
Sami Petäjäsoja, CEO
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