New Instrument: Asset Guard

Posted 13 Jul 2023

A critical step in cyber defence is visibility on what to defend. Dynamic inventory of the networked assets is a fundamental building block of comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring. Regulations, like the recently released NIS2 directive, are also calling for critical infrastructure organisations to implement asset monitoring solutions.

SensorFleet has released a new Instrument called AssetGuard for helping the organisations to always stay up to date with the composition of their networks. The key features include:

  • Easy deployment and centralised management on SensorFleet platform
  • Automatic creation of an initial inventory of the assets upon deployment and alerts on any subsequent changes in asset inventory
  • Passive asset detection ensures normal operation of the network won’t be affected
  • Support for exporting discovered asset lists and import of a list of known assets
  • Integration with organisations’ existing workflows and solutions, such as SIEMs
  • Discovery of asset related metadata such as IP addresses with traffic volumes and DHCP lease information, etc.

While OT networks are a major driver for asset monitoring demand, AssetGuard is also relevant for server networks, DMZs and other similar environments. SensorFleet’s unique capability deployment platform enables users to easily implement asset monitoring regime across diverse networks and gain a common baseline visibility.

Sami Petäjäsoja
Sami Petäjäsoja, CEO
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