SOC service providers

Are you looking for solutions to expand your toolbox for providing SOC services for your customers? The following considerations may sound familiar:

  • How well does the new tool integrate with our service production back-end
  • A jungle of licensing options makes it difficult to price the service in competitive market
  • One size fits none - making it hard to balance the tools portfolio for varying customer requirements

SensorFleet has a solution for you:

  • Open platform providing API’s for threat intel ingestion, SIEM integration and even your own Instrument development to differentiate services
  • Simple licensing with predictable costs. You only pay based on Sensor and Instrument instances used
  • Scales from simple log collection node with Log Forwarder Instrument to fully featured NDR Sensor

We have a growing list of over 10 security monitoring tools running as Instruments on our platform. Service providers can choose the right ones for the service portfolio, deploy them on a single platform and maintain the flexibility for future expansion of capabilities.

Other operational environments

OT security

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IT security

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Industrial equipment integration

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