Monitor network isolation

Why it matters

Isolated networks are not always as well isolated as you would think. Common problems in network isolation monitoring are:

  • Even though the failures in network isolation are usually rather simple from a technical standpoint, there are no automated tools to detect them
  • While audits can help in fixing issues, they are point checks in time
  • Increasing amount of infrastructure is being outsourced. In many cases, customers' only option is to trust the vendor's assurances

How we can help

  • SensorFu Beacon automates the testing of network segregation. Cover multiple and diverse points of failure at once
  • Get immediate feedback if leaks occur
  • Network isolation monitoring doesn't require special permissions, network access or hardware deployment. “Trust but verify” your vendors' cyber security posture.
Network isolation

Bigger picture

Testing network segregation is a fundamental security control. Automated audit solution covers multiple and diverse points of failure. Instead of the user having to wait until the next audit engagement, they can get an alarm if leaks appear in the segregated network. The best part is that Beacon Instrument is easy to deploy and spawn throughout the organization.

The feasibility study conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) revealed that 81% of the participating organisations' isolated networks leaked in unexpected ways.
National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI)
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