Get visibility on network assets

Why it matters

A critical step in cyber defense is to understand what to defend. Visibility on networked assets is a fundamental building block of comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring. Currently, OT networks are a major driver for asset monitoring demand. The key questions to consider:

  • The initial inventory of the install base. This is especially relevant with OT networks that often have outgrown initial documentation
  • Holistic view on assets. IT and OT are increasingly intertwined calling for unified visibility
  • Automated change monitoring. Continuous monitoring is needed for configuration mistakes and rogue devices

How we can help

  • Traffic Guard Instrument creates asset inventories with passive monitoring of network traffic
  • SensorFleet’s cross-platform software enables easy deployment across different environments
  • After the inventory, Traffic Guard provides continuous monitoring for any changes
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Bigger picture

It is possible to retrieve asset information from switches and similar network devices, but achieving comprehensive visibility is time consuming. Even then, real-time discovery of changes may be missed. Traffic Guard is easy to deploy on SensorFleet fabric and can be combined with other exposure mapping capabilities.

We see three major challenges for SOCs resulting from the increased complexity of the IT and OT environment in a company: First, the infrastructure is becoming more complicated and intertwined, making it difficult to maintain situational awareness and a cohesive overview. Managers and analysts have poor visibility into the network because they cannot keep track of all the devices in the network…
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