Use case: National early warning system

SensorFleet Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution was deployed on the HAVARO ecosystem in the second half of 2020. HAVARO is a national monitoring and early warning system provided by the NCSC-FI for critical infrastructure providers and government organizations. HAVARO detects malicious or abnormal traffic on an organisation’s network traffic using identifiers for information security threats from different sources. NCSC-FI analyses the threats detected by HAVARO and provides warnings to end user organizations. Besides direct benefits to end users, HAVARO helps NCSC-FI to maintain a holistic view on threats targeting the Finnish networks.

HAVARO was originally launched in 2011 and has been using F-Solutions F-Probe as a sensor solution deployed at the end user organizations. In 2020, sensor software utilized by F-Probe was replaced with the SensorFleet NDR platform. SensorFleet solution provides an improved control and management of sensor network, as well as flexibility for the future extensions with its modular Instrument architecture.

NCSC-FI is in the process of modernising the HAVARO, and starting from 2021, service has been offered jointly with the commercial operators. Upgrade of the sensors on SensorFleet software enabled a seamless migration path for the existing end users. In preparation for the launch of modernised HAVARO service, and service expansion for the wider audience, a security review for F-Probe and SensorFleet NDR solution was performed in summer of 2021. Review was commissioned by F-Solutions and SensorFleet together with NCSC-FI, and conducted by F-Secure, a leading cyber security assurance company in Finland. With the successful security review F-Probe, running SensorFleet is a great option as a sensor for the expanding HAVARO service.

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